Tokyo Act II

Japan is in our opinion one of the most fascinating and beautiful place on
earth. With many Unesco world heritage and incredible culture, history and
cuisine. It is a favorite country for tourism. However the language barriers and
the choices can sometime be daunting, this is why we can help you in arranging
your whole trip over here. We can arrange any requests you might have, and
will select the best hotels, hot springs, restaurants depending on your budget.


Here are some examples of prices for a middle class type hotel plus transportation either by train or plane.

Hakone / Mt Fuji 30,000yen
Kyoto 40,000yen
Sapporo 40,000yen
Yakushima 50,000yen
Okinawa 40,000yen

We can also organize guides / Interpreter for those trips.

For Michelin / top 500 restaurants ranked by taberog in Tokyo,
prices vary from 10,000 to 30,000 yen.
High end Hotels are generally around
30,000 – 70,000 yen a night.

Price varies depending on availability and dates, so the early we can book, the best price you can have.


If it is for one or a few days after business in Japan, or a whole vacation,
we can be your personal travel consultants on top of our fixing/ coordinating service.

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